Getting Started

Before we can build you a website you need a Domain name and Hosting.

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We can get you the domain name and hosting installed.

Domain names and hosting  is an annual cost to all website owners.


Domain & hosting costs approximately  $165 – $220 per year. (AUD)

What is a Domain?

Domain name is the name you choose for your website.  example:



HOSTING:  Guarantees you stay online

Everyone that has a website needs web hosting. A web hosting company makes it possible for your site to be accessed by everyone else 24/7. You can make the best website anyone’s ever seen sitting at your own computer but unless you upload that website to a hosting server it will never be accessible to everyone else.

Hosting helps you be efficient with your cashPWd-Hosting-Web

  • Removes the need for big capital outlays on hardware and data centers
  • Frees up your funds for primary business expenses
  • Offers affordable and predictable monthly costs
  • Lets you pay as you grow rather than over—purchase capacity upfront
  • Delivers a faster return on your investment
Hosting helps you extend your resources
  • Reduces your labor costs
  • Provides you with access to a deeper pool of experts
  • Concentrates your people on core business needs
  • Supplies staff instantly for the “what if” scenario
  • Lets you take advantage of latest technologies without hiring the expertise
Hosting limits your business risk
      • Keeps capital on hand for “rainy days”
      • Allows you to quickly and efficiently change plans
      • Guarantees you stay online
      • Implements your solution quickly
      • Places your focus back on growing your business
      • Gives you latitude to pursue new revenue-generating ventures

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